Taipinghu Bridge on Tongling-Tangkou Expressway

1. Project Overview

Taipinghu Bridge is located in Tongling-Tangkou section of G3 Beijing-Taipei Expressway, crossing the Taiping Lake in Mount Huang. It is a half-through, basket-shaped arch bridge of steel tubes with the layout of 4×20m+352m+3×20m. For the main arch rib, the space variable cross-section truss composite system is adopted, for the axis line of bearing arch, catenary alignment adopted, and the two arch ribs leaning to the bridge axis side in the vertical plane produce a basket-shaped arch. The central span between two arch feet is 336m, the vector height is 68m, and its whole span ranks first in Asia among bridges of the same kind. This bridge has become both a new representative in Anhui Province to promote the “Two Mounts and One Lake” scenic spot and a modern landmark leading the visitors to the spot.

2. Technical Features and Innovative Points

1) Researches on key technologies in the security and stability of a basket-type arch bridge with a super-large span.

2) Dynamic design for deep and large foundation pit in complex rock mass in mountains.

3. Innovative Achievements

1) Winner of 2012~2013 China Construction Luban Prize

2) Winner of Second Prize of 2009 China Outstanding Engineering Prospect and Design Industry Award (Municipal Public Works)

3) Winner of Second Prize in Outstanding Design of China Highway Transport from 2007 to 2008.